Planning and Optimization - Quintiq

Quintiq system is advanced planning and scheduling solution dedicated for optimization of logistic and production activities. Implementation of Quintiq software, allows for solving each planning constrain and supports following planning areas:

  • sales and operation planning
  • supply chain planning
  • production planning and scheduling
  • transport and logistics planning
  • workforce planning and scheduling

Quintiq addressing needs of several industries, including;

  • logistics
  • cargo and passenger rail
  • airline service
  • courier service
  • public transportation
  • steel industry
  • manufacturing of ferrous metals
  • workforce management
  • health care
  • security service
  • discrete manufacturing

One thing that distinguishes implementation process of Quintiq system from other available systems is including enterprise specification within planning model as well as achieving solution fully fitting customer specific needs. 

Quintiq solution offers configurable work environment for planners, supporting multi-criteria decisions making process via dedicated optimizers and heuristic methods. Inner structure is focused on real time process efficiency and integration simplicity with ERP and MES like systems.     

Currently, our solution is used by over 500 companies in 77 countries all over the world, including Poland. IPOPEMA Business Consulting is an official business partner of Quintiq. 

If you would like to find out more information about, how using Quintiq application will benefit your company, please contact.