Bearing Point

In September 2011, IPOPEMA Business Consulting and BearingPoint have signed an Alliance Partner Agreement.

The main reason behind establishing alliance, between two very respectful companies, was to broaden the scope of offered products as well as increasing quality of services provided to customers of both companies. According to the agreement IPOPEMA and BearingPoint will be cooperating in knowledge and experience exchange, project implementation and grasping new opportunities from the market.

BearingPoint is one of the biggest consulting companies in the world. It employees over 3200 consultants and specialists in Europe. It scope of activities is focused on business and IT consulting.

For more information about BearingPoint, please visit  www.bearingpoint.com

SAP PartnerEdge

IPOPEMA Business Consulting is an official partner of SAP Poland Sp. z o.o. - the leading provider of business software, what is more we gained with the highest level of SAP Partnership - PartnerEdge ™.

SAP Poland Sp. z o.o. as the only one from the leading business software providers, offers solutions not only for global industries but also for small businesses and midsize companies. SAP presents over 25 unique solutions, which are suitable to the needs of several  trades and effectively support sophisticated operations in various economic branches. SAP proposes also the wide range of services, such as: implementation, consulting, training and service support.

SAP Poland Sp. z o.o. was set up on September 1995. Nowadays, SAP employs at about 150 workers in Warsaw seat and Wroclaw department, where the works on localization and progress of SAP solutions are being carried out.

Please follow the link SAP Implementations to find out more about our services in the field of SAP solutions.



We are a business partner of Lexmark, a world class leader in automated documentation service. Lexmark has subsidiaries in 16 countries located in 5 continents. Over 5000 companies worldwide, has already implemented Lexmark solutions.

The main benefits for enterprises from adopting Lexmark solutions are: shortening documentation handling time, increased control over documentation flow and possibility of monitoring of processes and identification of so called; “bottlenecks”.

Functionality of those solutions includes:

  • automated scanning, data reading and its transfer to ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, etc.),
  • electronic flow and documentation acceptance (workflow),
  • automated data reading (from manually filled out or printed documents), processing data into an electronic format and entering them into outer systems,
  • invoice handling in the form of EDI and e-Invoice.

Our consultants have conducted the most complex and difficult implementation of electronic documentation flow solutions, including; procurement invoices that has been accomplished in Poland.

Please follow the link Lexmark to find out more about our services in the field of lexmark solutions.



We are an official business partner of Quintiq company, a producer of advanced planning systems dedicated to optimization of broadly understood logistic. This system was adopted by over 500 enterprises in 77 countries.

Quintiq system comprise of all business rules of an enterprise in his planning model and in accordance with long-term company’s objectives covers all employment planning aspects. It enables an increase in efficiency and achievement of long-term benefits.

Quintiq solutions matching requirements of following sectors: vehicle shipping, rail shipping, ari service, courier service, public transportation, steel industry, processing of ferrous metals, HR management, health care, media production, security service and discrete production.

Please follow the link Quintiq to find out more about our service in the field of Quintiq solutions.